About Connie

‘Sky is the limit!’ is Connie Handcraft’s motto. Connie believes that the power of the universe can generate energy that can lead us to create anything that is unthinkable and unpredictable in lives. The beauty of philosophy and her cross-cultural personal experience are her key aspirations to change from her former career ‘International MBA Business and Marketing Professional’ into a ‘CAD Jewellery Designer and Maker in fine jewellery, silver jewellery and bespoke pieces’.

Connie is an excellent multilingual communicator, networker and negotiator, who used to translate and interpret 8 languages both verbally and written, she is now using designs to share her ideas and express each individual’s personality and characters with her clients and to the rest of the world.

Her most favourite themes of styles are Modernism, Nature, Native Americans, Tribal, Art Nouveau, Bohemian and Contemporary Art. Nevertheless, her curiosity nature has always encouraged her to explore a wide range of styles, materials, metals, designing and manufacturing techniques.

Initially, Connie has self-taught herself utilizing materials, such as semi-precious stones, beads, Swarovski crystals, resin, plastic, ribbon, leather, glass and wood to develop her own jewellery pieces and collections. Afterwards, she has completed Level 2 Jewellery Manufacturing and Design Diploma and Level 3 CAD/CAM Jewellery Design and Manufacturing Diploma at the ‘British Academy of Jewellery’ formerly known as ‘Holts Academy’ in London. Currently, she is doing her final year Level 4 CAD/CAM Jewellery Design and Manufacturing Diploma. The courses have given her the abilities and confidence in exploring different type of metals, high-end semi precious stones. She then carried out a number of projects with the combination of different design procedures, Matrix CAD software, 3D prototyping, casting, wax carving, laser engraving and metal fabrication processes. Including: collections, bespoke engagement rings, necklace, chain links and wax carving pendent.

The constant changes have kept her curiosity going. She is excited and is looking forward to continuing with her jewellery making and designing journey.

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