Octopus Earrings

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Sea life represents freedom and the beauty of nature. It also connects to humans. The complexity of human’s mind can be as deep as the depth of ocean. The only way to carry on and live on this planet is to go out and explore.

Amongst which, octopus symbolises creativity, purity and flexibility. It inspires and channel with others emotions. Octopus is one of the most intelligent creatures in the world that has unbelievable strength for letting things go and bounce back to fight. This incredible strength applies the same to we, as human beings, in order to learn, to carry
on, to survive, to sacrifice, to fail and to become successful. This magical creature has inspired and become this collection topic.

Each piece of the collection has used a multiple types of stone setting, including: Pave setting, claw setting and bezel/rub over setting. The synthetic blue coloured sapphire is to represent the beauty of the ocean. Whilst, the white coloured Cubic Zirconia (CZ) indicates the purity of nature. All pieces were made with silver 925 with 4 micron gold plating. The gold colour is to reflect the positive energy in life and keep shining.

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